Jani Miettinen

Professional data scientist currently working in the University of Eastern Finland. Strong knowledge of data analysis such as predictive modelling, survey methods and register based analysis. Previously worked with Data Warehousing, Data Lakes, Survey datasets and building data analysis infrastructure. Good project leading skills and hands-on toolbox for data analysis. Research background with a Master’s Degree focused in Social Science Statistics from the University of Helsinki. Interest in open source development, data visualization and automation. Skilled in R, Shiny, RMarkdown, Statistical Modelling, Statistical Weighting Methods, SQL databases, Register studies and Survey collection methods.


Currently active languages & tools
  • R
  • RStudio
  • SQL
  • git
  • terminal
  • Linux
  • OSX
Previously active languages and tools
  • Python
  • Java
  • HTML
  • Netezza
  • Azure
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • SAS
  • SPSS
  • Cognos
  • Windows
  • Lightroom
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Data analysis
  • Statistical modelling
  • Predictive statistics
  • Weighting methods
  • Visualizations
  • Surveys
  • Register studies
Other keywords
  • leading
  • smart
  • funny
  • independent
  • teamwork
  • basketball
  • scuba diving
  • mountain biking


Medicine reimbursements ShinyApp

Explorative data analysis (EDA) application was made for exploring and visualizing medicine reimbursements data. With application user could investigate the population characteristics and prescripted medicines.

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Alzdemo ShinyApp

Demo-sovellus, jolla voidaan visuaalisesti tutkia Alzheimer potilaiden sairaalatapahtumia ennen ja jälkeen diagnoosin. Data itsessään on syntetisoitu, mutta se kuvaa reaalimaailman ilmiötä. Kehitetty yhteistyöprojektina Itä-Suomen yliopiston, Kuopion yliopistollisen sairaalan ja Roche oy:n kanssa.

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Automated research analysis

Application made a report of selected medicines and automatically modelled differences between medicine prescriptions in health care sectors.

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Clinical Trials webpage using API interface

Find brain disease and nervous system related clinical trials which are held in Finland. Webpage downloads data from clinicaltrials.gov API and presents information in database format.

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Finnish population visualization ShinyApp

Application visualized current population, history and prediction. Data was collected from SQL-database and analysed in R. In this application I tested how prediction models can be part of visualisations and graphical user interface.

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Infograph: Finnish age population by municipalities

Which municipalities contains more eldery people? Finnish population visualized to map by municipalities.

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Infograph: stroke

Infograph about stroke cases in HUS and KUH area 2010-2019

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Open Source Contributions

geofi R-package

Contributed a vignette to geofi-package which helps to access Finnish geospatial data.

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regstudies R-package

Contributing work in regstudies R-package. Package has tools and functions for wrangling register based datasets.

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Selected collection of articles, presentations or talks, most likely on data analysis and healthcare related. Check my publications in pdf.

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Data Scientist

University of Eastern Finland

Currently I’m working with AiHUB project where I’m developing automated reporting for data analysis for different kind of patient datasets. Before moving to AiHUB I worked as a data scientist in Neurocenter Finland project. My responsibilities included consulting, designing and developing internal data projects, and working in collaboration with Kuopio University Hospital for building a Data Lake environment.

Aug 2019 - Present

Data Analyst

the Social Insurance Institution of Finland

My responsibilities included e.g. collecting data from different sources, cleaning the data and make it more useful for further analysis, developing data driven methods for data analyses and advanced data analysis programs/visualisations, consulting co-workers in data driven problems and teaching R programming in workshops. I was also responsible of building R packages (for company needs) and coordinating the architecture of data science programming environment.

Oct 2018 - Jul 2019

Master Data Product Owner

the Social Insurance Institution of Finland

I worked as a master data product owner in a data warehouse project. As a product owner my first priority was to improve master data quality. I worked as a team with departments with different requirements. Role gave me insight of how data warehouse production works, what are the challenges and how solve the problems. My other responsibilities included advanced data analysis and supporting co-workers with data driven problems (e.g. R coding, SQL queries and data wrangling)

Apr 2017 - Sep 2018


the Social Insurance Institution of Finland

Research project studied the social security and healthcare system in the city of Oulu in Finland. My responsibilities included coordinating the project, as well as wrangling and analysing the data, presenting the results, writing articles and developing interactive GUI´s with R (Shiny-package).

Apr 2015 - Apr 2017


the Social Insurance Institution of Finland

My responsibilities included developing work in data warehouse project (ETL loadings), statistical help in researches and writing articles. I participated in five publications as a writer and in two seminars as a speaker. I learned basics of data warehouse production (ETL loadings and SQL databases) and gained more insights as a researcher.

Dec 2011 - Apr 2013


the Social Insurance Institution of Finland

As a trainee I studied Survey collection methods and statistical weighting methods. I applied statistical weighting methods in Internet Surveys to minimise selection bias. During my training, I learned procedures of research, writing articles and presenting the results.

Jan 2011 - Nov 2011


University of Helsinki

Master of Social Sciences
Social Science Statistics. Minor studies included mathematics, computer science and social psychology. Member of Moodi ry student organization.
2006 - 2012

University of Helsinki

Bachelor of Social Sciences
Statistics. Minor studies included mathematics, computer science and social psychology.
2006 - 2011
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